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Powerstar Implement Sales Dept.
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About us

Started in the early years of 1970s, Our production base is now settled in Yancheng City—-a nice and newly booming industrial city by Yellow Sea. As a domestic well-known manufacturer, we specialize in design and manufacturing for glass reinforced plastics (GRP) products, supporting implements of tractors and gardening machines.

Our production base has nearly 200 staff menmbers among whom are 16 professional technicians and 1 senior engineering technician. Quality management system operates normally and efficiently. With fine producti......

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Products ( mower,sprayer,backhoe )

mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-SP-001 Sprayer with self engine
XL-SP-001 Sprayer with self engine-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-SP-002 Sprayer for Tractor
XL-SP-002 Sprayer for Tractor-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-TB-001/XL-TB-002 Towable Backhoe
XL-TB-001/XL-TB-002 Towable Backhoe-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-EuroCat Farm Vehicles(4x2)
EuroCat Farm Vehicles(4x2)-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-EuroCat Farm Vehicles(6x4)
EuroCat Farm Vehicles(6x4)-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-S-001 Log Splitter(American-style)
XL-S-001 Log Splitter(American-style)-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-S-005 Log Splitter(Euro-style)
XL-S-005 Log Splitter(Euro-style)-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-S-007 Log Splitter
XL-S-007 Log Splitter-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-S-008 Log Splitter
XL-S-008 Log Splitter-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-M-001 Finish Mower
XL-M-001 Finish Mower-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-RC-001 Rotary Cutter
XL-RC-001 Rotary Cutter-mower,sprayer,backhoe
mower,sprayer,backhoe-XL-BS-001 Box Scrapper for Tractor
XL-BS-001 Box Scrapper for Tractor-mower,sprayer,backhoe

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