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XL-SP-005 Sprayer for tractor
Main Specifications:TypeXL-SP-005spraying width (m)6external size (LxWxH)mm1950x1250x1500net weight capacity of chemical chest (L)450 TypeBM240 type m
XL-SP-004 Sprayer for tractor
Main Specifications:Type XL-SP-004 spraying width (m)   external size (LxWxH)mm 1100x1150x1300 net weight   capacity of chemical chest (L) 450 water p
XL-S-008 Log Splitter
Main Specifications:ModelXL-S-008working pressure(ton)10external sizeL(mm)1200W(mm)900H(mm)2600net weight(kg)230Max. splitting diameter(mm) 350Max. sp
XL-S-007 Log Splitter
Main Specifications:TypeXL-S-007 working pressure(ton) 10 External size L (mm) 1200 W (mm) 900 H (mm) 2600 net weight(kg) 230 Max. splitting diameter(
XL-S-005 Log Splitter(Euro-style)
Main Specifications:typeXL-S-005(Euro-style)working pressure(ton)16External sizeL(mm)2000W(mm)950H(mm)1130net weight(kg)210Max. splitting diameter(mm)
XL-S-001 Log Splitter(American-style)
Main Specifications:TypeXL-S-001(American-style) working pressure(ton) 16 External size L(mm) 2300 W(mm) 950 H(mm) 1300 net weight (kg) 250 Max. split
EuroCat Farm Vehicles(4x2)
Main Specifications:Type EUROCAT(4×2) engine modelLJ276M gasoline engine modeTwo-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooling and vertical & inclined type
EuroCat Farm Vehicles(6x4)
Main Specifications:Type EUROCAT(6×4) engine modelLJ276M gasoline enginemodeTwo-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooling, and vertical inclined type total
XL-TB-001/XL-TB-002 Towable Backhoe
The Powerstar towable backhoe easily walks itself around the work site with the bucket and boom. Since it's not wheel driven it's nearly impossible to
XL-SP-002 Sprayer for Tractor
This kind of buying Chinese medicine machine is the botanical garden use, Suits the big area the lawn or other lawns and the plant spraying use, The c
XL-SP-001 Sprayer with self engine
This kind of Sprayer, Suits the big area the lawn or other lawns and the plant spraying use, The capacity big, sprays the area broadly, the spraying e
XL-M-001 Finish Mower
 Main Specification:MODELSXL-RC-001 ROTARY CUTTERXL-M-001 FINISH MOWERCUTTING WIDTH48"60"72"48"60" 72"HITCHCat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1CU

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