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XL-SP-002 Sprayer for Tractor

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XL-SP-002 Sprayer for Tractor

This kind of buying Chinese medicine machine is the botanical garden use, Suits the big area the lawn or other lawns and the plant spraying use, The capacity big, sprays the area broadly, the spraying is even, it is hanging behind the tractor, depends on the tractor output power work, it brings spurts the pole to be possible to spray the distant place and the high place not suitably spurts to the place, facilitates practical. The modeling is artistic.

Main Specifications:
Model: XL-SP-002
External dimensions (mm):
Ram pump model:
Rated speed (r.p.m):
Pump Deliver (gpm):
Working pressure (psi):
Most greatly vertical firing distance (m):
(The atomization snatches)
Thank Capacity (gallon):

Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice

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End of XL-SP-002 Sprayer for Tractor

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